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Snabb jämförelse

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Kollade lite statistik och märkte att min top host på seti har räknat ut mer information än alla personer i seti som har ställt in att de kommer från Vitryssland, samtidigt så såg jag att jag sammanlagt beräknar ungefär lika mycket information på seti totalt som de som har ställt in att de är bosatta i Israel.
Det är inte lite folk och påvisar fort att en person KAN göra skillnad i denna värld.
Extrem prestanda kan man ha i sina egna hem idag om man vill.

En allmän notering bara.

Team GPU Users Group statistics


Tim Norton in our team which take care of our statistics has been so kind to provide me with updates so the team statistics can be included in my blog.. Within about five days we would enter top 10 teams in the world crunching seti@home!

Thank a bunch Tim!

Main statistics

Team overtake prediction

Total credits

Recent average credit per day

Necessary seti@home links

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This is just a dummy post.
I always lose the links when i need them the most so why don’t make a post so i can easily reach them always..

Scarecrow Seti server stats
Cricket graph / Seti@Home labs Berkeley
Freds Boinc rescheduler
Home of the nvidia inspector tool
Optimised seti@home apps and developers

There.. I’ll add more later on..

Running different Nvidia architectures optimal in same host with seti@home and other BOINC projects.


I was having a major headache.

Struggling with the issue that Fermi boards can effeciently run more than one application per GPU board and the GTX 2xx architecture which slows down made me think of a way to get around this issue.
I came up with an idea to have two different BOINC directorys which could run hand in hand with eachother.

The purpose of this was in my case to have the orginal installation modifed to run the Fermi board and the CPU’s most optimal and the other installation would run my Nvidia 2xx generation card by itself..

In that way i could configure app_info.xml to make the fermi board run two WU’s at once and not even bother trying to use the 2xx board for crunching and 2xx board 1 WU at once with another executable which is more suitable for that board.

Example below:

Start with creating a new directory in which your new standalone boincdata directory should be. In my example that catalogue is called “tst”

Open a command prompt and type this:
“c:\Program Files\BOINC\boinc.exe” –allow_multiple_clients –dir c:\tst

What happens is that boinc starts to build up a structure in that directory which you entered, and also you get the message that one of the last lines should say “This computer is not attached to any projects”

If you got that you’re on the right track :), Press Ctrl+C to break it.

Edit the file gui_rpc_auth.cfg in that directory and choose a password. In my example i use the password “1”, Close and save it!
From the command prompt run this: “c:\Program Files\BOINC\boinc.exe” –allow_multiple_clients –dir c:\tst –gui_rpc_port 9999

Now you have initiated so far that you can do with the console easily. Fire up boinc manager!

If you have a regular boinc installation it would automatically start that one so the easiest way is to choose suspend all projects.
Choose to manage another computer and choose localhost:9999
Enter the password 1 in that box.
If everything is working the attach to project window should appear.

Choose to connect to seti@home or another project of choice.

When everything has started so it has created that directory you easily can start to do the magic stuff in your seti project directory. Chosing right executable of choice etc.

After the project has initiated and downloaded executables and work you can monitor your messages directory so you can see which CUDA unit number is assigned to which graphics card.

In my case i wanted to single out my GTX2xx generation card so that this special boinc installation only uses that board/boards for computation.
Create a cc_config.xml in that directory and choose which/what GPUs you want to exclude, in my example i don’t want that installation to use device 0 and 1.



Save that file.

Now edit your regular boinc directorys cc_config.xml, in my example i wanted the original boinc installation to ignore CUDA device 2 and it worked best if the allow_multiple_clients parameter was set to 0 in my case, look in my example below:


Save the file..

All the customizations you can do in each separate boinc directory

Now it’s only to start the custom installation with a shortcut with:
“c:\Program Files\BOINC\boinc.exe” –allow_multiple_clients –dir c:\tst –gui_rpc_port 9999

Now you can make the most use of both architectures with most optimal executables and configurations.

Our sponsored server is up and running at seti@home

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My team and i has contributed to building a new server to the seti@home lab in Berkeley.
We managed to raise aprox $3800 and Todd donated the two Xeon Hexacore CPUs, and if that weren’t enough some more members in the team sponsored so we could get 96GB total of RAM in that machine.
Seriously i don’t think that performance should be an issue now when they got themselves three new servers , each with 96GB of ram in about one month time now.
Well, atleast one of those is sponsored by our team GPU Users Group.
Btw did i mention that we 69 users are positioned the most productive team in seti@home for the time beeing with team Seti.USA at second place with 14160 members!
Yes, we really are devoted to seti!

Link to technical news…

Thank you all who donated money for this server and thank you Todd for your time and effort coordinating, building and testing this donation.

Small story of how it feels like beeing a payload in a PCI-E bus

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As a frequent seti@home n3rd that i am i was taking part in a post on the forum about PCI-E bus transfers.
Well i know it’s Sunday and i’m newly awake but i couldn’t resist in making a small story about how it feels like beeing a small payload on the PCI-E bus.

Directly Cut’n Paste’d from what i wrote in the seti@home forums.

“Think of a highway with almost no stops that leads from Washington D.C to Chicago.. It’s 16 lanes in each direction.
When you have alot of shipments you send 10000 trucks from Washington to Chicago, more trucks can fit the highway and thus it arrives at it’s destination faster and almost all at once.
But unfortunately the telephone and email has not been invented at this time so to know what to do with the shipment you send a driver back from Chicago to Washington with a letter which says “Thanks for the goods, where should we send this?”.
The driver is going there on the highway , he has no friends and it’s all silent and dull on the highway.
A couple of hours later the driver gets back to the office in Washington, the manager (CPU) opens the letter and reads “Thanks for the goods, where should we send this?” , Manager thinks OMG why didn’t i think of that and quickly writes a letter which says “All goods from the 10000 Lorrys should be sent to Factory xxx at xxx road in Calgary”.

All is good the driver heads back to Chicago, as usual he sees hardly none traffic at all and thinks why haven’t anyone figured out a way to quickly send messages to eachother at different locations because he has a lot of time on the way to start to think of other things.
Starting to get annoyed about that he has to drive back and forth to deliver messages but he knows that it needs the delivery to be confirmed at it’s destination (TCP) and if something happens on the way with the information they need to send another guy to do it’s work again (TCP RESEND), he starts to sigh thinking if there is a good way to make use of foolproof deliverys with pidgins (UDP) but he quickly finds out, Crap! That isn’t doable..
He’s finally back to Chicago and heads to the office (GPU) in which the boss quickly opens the letter and smiles at start .. then.. he takes a paper and pen and starts to write .. “By which type, by truck, by rail, by flight” takes an envelope folds the paper and put it into the envelope and says.. “Sorry you need to go to main office ASAP”..

The truck driver starts to hate hes life as he starts to chugg the loooong way back again to Washington from Chicago curcing why the hell the trucks has a speedlimiter set att 100MPH, if the truck had a speed limiter set at atleast 110MPH it would save him atleast 45 minutes getting there, the traffic (bandwidth) is not an issue instead it’s the speed of the highway that annoys him greatly as he curses why the hell someone hasn’t invited faster trucks and those stupid guys at the American Road Agency (don’t know the name) hasn’t upped the speed limit at the highway’s to atleast 110, it shouldn’t do any harm!

Well times fly by (processing time), the load is still there at Chicago and hasn’t moved anywhere due to undetailed information at start..
The driver gets back to the office in Washington (CPU) and the manager opens up and reads.
Here we go again, up with that paper he writes “By flight” folds that paper and put it into a new envelope and says “Well by this time i think you know what to do, huh?!” (cache) , then he smiles back to you and you gave out a long *sigh* and headed back to the truck and up to Chicago once again..

During that trip the driver starts to think.. Hey, have i seen this road before? . He hates that they haven’t invented foolproof deliverys of pidgins once again (UDP Resend.. Hmm hey can’t compute.. error) and quickly bins that idea. He utterly hates speedlimiter on trucks along the speedlimit on the roads and thinks of ways to speed it up a bit (overclocking).

Times fly by faster and he starts to think that soon this shipment could be of to it’s real location.. For once he starts to grin as he arrives to Chicago.
When he arrives he rushes up to the office thinking Yes, finally we could be heading away with the goods , knocks on the door to the boss (GPU) , no answer?
… He knocks again but more firmly this time.. The boss coughes and finally says come in, apparantly he fell asleep (Gpu idle clockdown) but hey he is a human after all. Driver gives the letter to the boss with a smile and thinks Yes, Calgary.. But… WTF…. he grabs a new stupid paper and writes.. “Departure?” …. OMG.. he can’t be serious shouldn’t it be the nearest departure, it should be.
Buuut in this company it’s all about confirmation.. So with the drivers head in a low position he says to the boss “Yea yea, i know the drill back to main office once again” (Cache).

The drivers head was blank, he now could hardly breathe, if only this loong trip could be more funny and speedier (overclocking).
Time flies by, and by the time the driver thinks of ways to improve things but with no other around he has trouble venting his ideas so he starts to close up to himself.

The truck is now back at washington, he drags himself up the stairs and thinks “this is it”, he’s exhausted.
Knocking on the door he almost immediately here the voice that states “come in”, man those managers are fast i had barely touched the door in a split microsecond before he said come in.
Driver hands the letter once again and hopefully thinks that this is the last time he needs to go back Chicago but he’s not overly convinced.
Manager writes four letters on the envelope and sighed “Why can’t anyone think for themselves”, he put that in a fresh new envelope and sealed it and gave to the driver..

With a already low head position the driver takes this letter and he mumbles cursing he’s own miserably life, instead of a lorry driver he should’ve been a cook instead (software coder) or perhaps a braindead thing that makes all the food eatable like a stove or something (compiler).

Naah, of we go..

At that time when he travels that looong dreaded way back to Chicago he comes up with an idea.
Instead of having a huge lorry in which he takes a small envelope with him all the time, the highway should have two express lanes in each directions which the speed limit was 800Mph. If that were possible he could take another vehicle for those small packages which hasn’t contributed to any sort of increased weight and be able to travel between Washington and Chicago at only one eights of that time required.
He shines up and thinks hey this is not a bad idea, slow crappy bulgy lorrys in this wide lane and a parallell high speed vehicle lane.
This is brilliant! But who the f*** listens to a small worker like me.
Everything is about the money and reducing costs these days and he quickly finds out that no company in the world would be willing to invest that money and time in producing it and he quickly finds himself stuck in time again!
He cries out “Why can’t anyone with a high position enough come up with this, we need to think outside the box really!!” , he’s frustrated.
The cargo at Chicago has been stopped for days now, and for what?
No detailed information at first so we can do it right from the beginning which in terms lead to fewer delays (software engineering and optimising)..

Time flies by , albeit slowly ofcourse.
The driver is back to Chicago and with heavy steps he walks to the bosses office and knocks. No answer! Exactly as last time he thinks. He waits, knocks on the door again.. No answer?!! “What?!” , knocks on the door and waits. Still no answer!! Bah, he puts he’s hand to the knob and carefully opens the door, and that sight he wishes he would never have seen at all!
There he was the boss, hung from a beam in the roof and the driver was scared stiff (Driver hang … Driver/Boss! 🙂 ) .. Holy crap! How the f* did this happen? He quickly backs out and closes the door and wishes with all hes heart that this was a dream.
He starts to go from there to get anwers! A few steps away he notices that he has dropped the envelope and he turns around and walks into the door to the office and there he was again, sitting in the chair like nothing ever has happened with a cut gallow around hes neck staring at him at he enters the door shouting. “When you work at this company, you ALWAYS knock before entering a room!”
The driver thought he was dreaming (driver restart) but quickly responds “I’m sorry sir! Here are the last orders from Washington”

The boss yanks the letter from the driver and frowns, he opens up and reads.
The face slowly starts to smile saying “Well let’s get to it”.. Go to the other lorrys and wait for departure to the airport.

The driver shines up and starts to smile and starts to rush out from the door running towards the other trucks thinking “Atlast!!” , but he halts thinking what was that?
He heads back in to the room asking for permission to speak as he behaved so badly..
Driver: I’m just curious, what was it it said in that letter that could confirm this, i started getting used to the highway instead of doing what it sayed that i was employed for.
Boss: Well with this magic word, i could take care of the decisions much easier so for what it’s worth for you that magic word was. ASAP
The driver stared at the boss and gasped “So with this magic letters or word my trips back and forth could have been saved if it had come directly from the beginning? (Software optimising, rescheduling)
Boss: Yes

The driver was so furious, he wants to kick the software developers in the a** but at the same time he was glad to came up with that idea with a high speed communincating lane parallell to the highway and hopefully someone makes that idea come to life in the future if he evers dare to speak of it..

Driver: “I’m on my way sir, thank you for not firing me for not beeing polite to knock at that door”
Boss: “Anytime, but always wait for an answer before entering my office in the future, got it?” (Interupt management)
Driver: “Most certainly Boss”

The driver smiled and turned again walking towards hes awaiting friends..”

Perhaps i need to start to write a book with the title
“Computers are sensitive to man kind” 🙂

Cuda efficiency at seti@home

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Hi everyone.

For newcomers at seti@home i’m called Vyper and i’m the creator and member of a team called GPU Users Group. I’m also a beta tester over at Lunatics website.

The main reason i did this was to compare different Cuda versions from 6.09 and onwards during the extended down time of the seti@home servers. I did this because i wanted to show numbers of what we die hard crunchers already know but hasn’t got the efficiency of it presented.

So therefore i did some thorough testing and made a spreadsheet of all the details so we all can benefit of it.
Please be aware of there are old unreleased test software that hasn’t been released to the public but the outcome of all the tests has resulted in a highly optimised client that has evolved significantly in terms of throughput and stability.
Final versions is downloadable over at the download section at Lunatics downloads section.

If you start to read the document you’ll notice some huge variations in speed and that depends on client crashes which results in shorter times but has invalid data. I didn’t erase that, instead i’m mentioning this here.

At page 22 you see that one executable is faster than others to a certain amount. Rest assure that is due to crashing clients which couldn’t be run at the same time properly. So the fastest executable at page 23 is not fast in real life but broken 🙂

Well click on the document to see the full data.

Cuda efficiency